Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Friends and Family,

Sorry this is coming late, we had a combined zone activity today 2
hours away, which means 4 hours driving round trip, so we have been
given extra time to finish emails and shopping and other necessities
tonight. Thanks to everyone who sent their favorite songs and told me
about their experiences reconnecting! Shout out to a high school band
friend who chose me as their friend to reconnect with!

So I'm now in Lewiston NY and things are slow. My new companion and I
are both new to the area so it's interesting trying to meet people and
get things rolling! But challenge accepted! It'll be fun, and hard,
but most of all, it'll be a good experience to push myself to give
more than I've ever given of myself and learn to love more people more

Challenge of the week, this is a thought I had the other day: We would
be a lot more healthy and fit if all the calories we ate and all the
exercise we did affected our spouse's body, not ours. We wouldn't eat
that extra cookie and we'd push ourselves to jog one more lap because
we want our spouse to be healthy and fit. But when it's our own body,
we justify eating that extra candy bar and skip our daily set of push
ups because, well, we are happy with how we look. But think, your body
is a temple Heavenly Father has given you. I'm not married, so I can't
think about eating my spouse's calories or exercising for them, but I
do love God and want to please Him. The challenge this week is to
choose healthy foods and do a little more exercise than we usually do
to make our temples more "fit" for the kingdom! Love God enough by
taking care of the body He has blessed us with!

Also, let me know what some of your ideas are so I can use and spread
them! Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Moon