Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

Friends and Family, 

 Well my question is how can you love the sinner and hate the sin? It's
easy to hate the sin, but sometimes I find myself hating the sinner
too. If I knew how to answer this question, I'd be much better than I
am now. But I think the answer is practice. Constantly trying and
serving and praying for a change of heart to see others the way God
sees them.

Thanks for everyone who sent their questions, all of like 3 people.
Haha, but that's fine. 

This week's challenge is to tell me what your
favorite song is and why (religious, pop, rock, any genre).

I'm doing well, we've seen a few miracles this last week. One lady was
super excited to get a copy of the Book of Mormon and was anxious to
read it (which never happens). We were about to walk down Main Street
and just try to meet people, but I got a thought "go to the Gaby
family" and I thought to myself "nah" and immediately the same thought
came into my mind as surprisingly as if it was a new thought "go to
the Gaby's" so I asked my companion "do you want to go to the Gaby's?"
And he said "yeah." So we walked over there and gave someone a copy of
the Book of Mormon on the way, and as it turns out, the Gaby's were
there and we sat and taught a lesson and invited them to a member's
house (their friends) for another lesson later on! It was amazing! 

 That's all from Elder Moon, everyone have a great week! 

 -Elder Moon 

PS shout out to my awesome sister who gave a phenomenal homecoming
talk yesterday!!

Hey dad---look at this!  (fake dunk!)