Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

Friends and family!

This last week was really good! We had so much success! We found a new family who live by members of the church and they love how the members have everything together and balanced (faith, family, work, etc.). We offered to help them with that and they invited us over! We're going again tomorrow and it'll be great! Prayers for the Shin family would be great! James is also doing great. He came to a fireside last night and loved it! He's come to church twice and is ready to be baptized.
There are some obstacles to overcome first, but he should be prepared and able to take that step in October!

We've been jogging in the mornings so that's a nice change. My last companion had asthma so exercise wasn't as fun. Jogging is good though, it's easy to use the time efficiently and effectively. We also have another set of elders in our district now so we played basketball today. It was fun! My former companion who's in our district just sprinted right into me and that was less fun now that I have a bruise on my hip, but other than that life is good!

This week's challenge is to not ram into people playing sports. Haha, another challenge is to thank someone every day for something they do.
It can be the same person, but it can't be the same thing! This is a great way to continue the humbling we started last week by showing our gratitude. As we're grateful, we overcome enmity which is the root of pride, an opposite of humility. Enmity toward others and enmity toward God vanish as we show our thanksgiving (maybe this will come up again at the end of November)....

Have a great week!

-Elder Moon

Bro, you live in water, why the umbrella??

Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016

Friends and family,

We had transfer calls and I'll be staying in Pittsford. Elder Peterson will still be a zone leader with me, but he's going to the other area in our Ward and will train a new missionary. I'll be getting Elder Walther and together we will work hard and bring about much righteousness in this area!

James is doing well! He came to church and loved it! We also had Linda and Cherub come and stay for Sunday school, or at least the first half hour. Amy is going to meet with us this Thursday and we're still looking for those fish who are ready! I thought about it some this last week but I can definitely do better this week! And prayers for those 4 people would be appreciated if you want someone to pray for!

For the challenge, we've been over several things to conversion. For ourselves and for others. Now we want to make sure we're humble about these things and aren't trying to infringe our will on anyone else's, especially God's. So this week I challenge each of us to have the motto "come what may and love it" for this week. If you have time, look up that motto on because it's a great talk by Elder Joseph Worthlin.

Love you all and I hope your weeks are great! But if not, come what may and love it! :)

-Elder Moon

Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5, 2016

Friends and Family!

This is going to be short due to zone Pday today! But happy Labor Day and I hope everyone enjoyed not laboring! Things are going well here.
James is preparing to come to church and set a baptism date for October! Linda is still coming along slowly but surely and her kids are now both interested (the daughter Amy was and now Nick the son is!
And his girlfriend wants to learn more too!). The members are not as excited to do anything though in this ward so prayers for them to be excited to share this wonderful message and even be soft enough to have us come by for 5 minutes to help them set goals for the baby steps!

This week's challenge goes along with applying things. Something I read about last week was in the end of John (St John, one of the gospels, not the 3 at the end of the New Testament) was how the apostles caught 153 fish without moving their location. There were fish, but they couldn't find them until The Savior helps them see what to do! I challenge each of us to look at this week and rather than doubt there being fish, expect to catch 153! Rather than doubt you'll do well on a test, study hard and believe in yourself! Instead of dragging your feet, work hard! See the good in this week and believe there will be "fish" :)

Love you!

-Elder Moon