Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016

Friends and family,

We had transfer calls and I'll be staying in Pittsford. Elder Peterson will still be a zone leader with me, but he's going to the other area in our Ward and will train a new missionary. I'll be getting Elder Walther and together we will work hard and bring about much righteousness in this area!

James is doing well! He came to church and loved it! We also had Linda and Cherub come and stay for Sunday school, or at least the first half hour. Amy is going to meet with us this Thursday and we're still looking for those fish who are ready! I thought about it some this last week but I can definitely do better this week! And prayers for those 4 people would be appreciated if you want someone to pray for!

For the challenge, we've been over several things to conversion. For ourselves and for others. Now we want to make sure we're humble about these things and aren't trying to infringe our will on anyone else's, especially God's. So this week I challenge each of us to have the motto "come what may and love it" for this week. If you have time, look up that motto on because it's a great talk by Elder Joseph Worthlin.

Love you all and I hope your weeks are great! But if not, come what may and love it! :)

-Elder Moon