Monday, September 5, 2016

September 5, 2016

Friends and Family!

This is going to be short due to zone Pday today! But happy Labor Day and I hope everyone enjoyed not laboring! Things are going well here.
James is preparing to come to church and set a baptism date for October! Linda is still coming along slowly but surely and her kids are now both interested (the daughter Amy was and now Nick the son is!
And his girlfriend wants to learn more too!). The members are not as excited to do anything though in this ward so prayers for them to be excited to share this wonderful message and even be soft enough to have us come by for 5 minutes to help them set goals for the baby steps!

This week's challenge goes along with applying things. Something I read about last week was in the end of John (St John, one of the gospels, not the 3 at the end of the New Testament) was how the apostles caught 153 fish without moving their location. There were fish, but they couldn't find them until The Savior helps them see what to do! I challenge each of us to look at this week and rather than doubt there being fish, expect to catch 153! Rather than doubt you'll do well on a test, study hard and believe in yourself! Instead of dragging your feet, work hard! See the good in this week and believe there will be "fish" :)

Love you!

-Elder Moon