Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

Family and Friends!

This week was great. Conference was awesome! Lots of good talks, and they are all online (or will be this week) so if you missed them you can watch them and listen to them as much as you want forever! I strongly recommend them, they're good talks! 

As for contacting all those people, this week was slower because Elder Gardner got sick for two days. We weren't allowed to leave our apartment since he threw up so I read the Book of Mormon. I was in Helaman 9 when he woke up sick Tuesday morning and I finished Moroni 10 Wednesday evening (about 150 pages or so, and these pages have tiny words, so it was lots of reading and I was all readed out). I'm currently on page 56 of the Doctrine and Covenants and would love to finish that this month. We did call several of the people whose phone numbers we had while he was sick. Not much came of it. I'm going to try and get all the people on the list contacted this week. Then I won't leave anything undone if I leave the area for my last transfer, and if I stay I'll have things cleaned up for a fresh start for my last transfer!

This week's challenge, I encourage each of us to make our prayers more meaningful. A big focus of the face to face event in Palmyra a few weeks ago and another theme of conference was about the spirit and prayer. In making our prayers more meaningful we will access heaven more fully. We can do this by visualizing ourselves at the throne of God and treating the prayer as not a conversation but us speaking to God The Father. He loves us, but we need to be reverent and not treat it as a casual conversation. Pray for the spirit and follow what inspiration you receive! 

Have an awesome week everyone!

-Elder Moon