Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017

Friends and Family,

This week was anticipated to be full of contacting those formers and potentials but it ended up being full of exchanges and mini exchanges. We had lots of deaf work going on so my companion was going to those teaching appointments with another ASL missionary. I got to do finding in their area while he got to teach and contact those deaf people. I also got to miss out on visiting my previous area (V) and seeing the coolest family there (the M's). They also stopped by the mission office and got to see the Spencer's, so I just got shafted time after time this week! But the church is still true and the work is the same regardless of where you are! At least that's what they say ;) jk it is! 

I did have a good week, even though I didn't get to do the fun things. Life isn't always about fun. I quoted this in my graduation speech and think it's about time I say it again. Vivian Green said "life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain!" I think I said that right. In life we shouldn't be waiting for something better tomorrow or next week or next year. We shouldn't be looking forward to our next chapter. We should plan for it and be excited for it, but if we are longing for it we will miss out on the opportunities of today and the blessings we could've found. We are in charge of how much we enjoy each situation, so we should find the joy in each opportunity we're given. 

The challenge this week is to be optimistic! If that's too hard, the other challenge is to have a question or two and take it to conference. Then watch conference, any or all sessions, looking for the answer(s). They are at 10 AM and 2 PM this Saturday and Sunday (Mountain time, so if you're in Texas or Kansas, it's an hour later; if you're on the East like me it's two hours later, those on the West coast it's an hour earlier, so don't sleep in too long!). You can find it on BYU TV or on

Well have an awesome week everyone! Be optimistic or inquisitive or both! :)

-Elder Moon