Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

Friends and family!

Well I wasn't fortunate enough to get another apostolic slap this week, but we did have a good week! One of the people we are teaching is trying to quit drinking coffee and he has avoided it for I think 5 days straight now, which is awesome for him! Hopefully he can keep it up! There isn't much happening that's out of the ordinary. We are teaching a few people but our teaching pool is small. Most of the people are still up in the air and we're trying to consistently meet with them.

Challenge of the week is to be of good cheer! Smile at at least 5 people everyday, and they have to be different people everyday.
Therefore, 35 people will get free smiles this week! If you're a hermit and don't see people because you stay home all day, get out and enjoy some fresh air! Love you all!

-Elder Moon