Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

Friends and Family,

This week was much like the last one. T is busy getting an application in for this weekend so he wasn't able to meet. But he should be free this coming weekend after he submits his stuff. Then we'll try to see if he can come to church and meet with us. We've also been doing lots of tracting trying to find more people. 

Since there's not much different in the life of the V
missionaries, I'll tell you a part of a homecoming talk I heard yesterday. A missionary came home from their mission and had served in Brazil where they eat lots of beans and rice. The reason is there's so much hiking around through the mountains and the beans and rice give you the strength and energy to do that. If you don't eat them, you'll be weak. They compared it to spiritual beans and rice. The three spiritual beans and rice are daily scripture study, prayer, and church attendance. It was a really good talk!

So my challenge to each of you is to eat your spiritual beans and rice this week! Make sure you study the scriptures every day, pray many times every day, and go to church this Sunday!

Have an awesome week! Love you all!

-Elder Moon