Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015

Dear friends and family,

Sorry about this week's email. It won't be near as profound as last week. This week I'll tell you more about people here. Bill is a progressing investigator. That means he's learning and doing the things we commit him to. Like if we say "will you study the scriptures and pray" and he says "yes" then "progressing investigator" means they actually do it. He will get baptized if he comes to know the Book of Mormon is true. Austin Prince was a miracle. We got a referral (a name sent to us to go meet) with his name. We met him and found out he was a former investigator (met with missionaries before and then dropped them for one reason or another) and he was open to letting us in. He's excited to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He said he'd be baptized if he got an answer. When we asked if he would, he gestured to the verses we just read (Mosiah 18:8-10) and said "well, why not?!" That was incredible!

Readers of this email, please read the Book of Mormon. I promise you it is true. It could NOT have been made up by Joseph Smith! Study it and you'll soon find out how that theory is impossible. It was inspired. Inspired either by God who prompted the ancient prophets 2000 years ago to write, or it was inspired by Satan. As you read, you'll find that it encourages us to do good. Satan cannot prompt us to do good, he has to tempt us to do bad. So, therefore, it is inspired of God. I can answer any contradictory opinion and I can refute any opposition with evidence in the book and historical proof. But my evidence will be nothing compared to your own. That evidence will come as you read and pray. As you ask God if it's true, you will find the answer. I promise. And God promises. Just give it a shot! What if it was true and you never found that out because you never read it? There's only one way to know for yourself!

I'll continually come back to this book. I'll bring it up over and over, especially since some of my friends receiving this email haven't read it. I have friends that are Baptist, Catholic, Hindu, Methodist, etc. You are not members of the church I have joined. I'm not telling or asking anyone to change. I'm just asking you (Mormons and non-Mormons) to read the Book of Mormon, again if you already have. Then:

Respond and share your testimony of this book with me! I want to know who believes it is true! And I want to know how you've come to know that! That's your homework! Next week's is to send a list of Christ like attributes you love, so be ready to make that list for next week!

-Elder Moon