Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Friends and Family,

So this week is transfer week, which means missionaries get swapped
around a little. I'm staying here but my trainer is going on to be an
assistant to the president (one of the responsibilities missionaries
can have). So Elder W is leaving me and Elder L will join

I'd like to thank my grandma, mother, aunt, and cousin (that's who I
remember, sorry if I forgot to mention you) for sending me their
testimonies of the Book of Mormon! The Hill Cumorah Pageant started
this last week and it's all about that wonderful book! After the rest
of you send in your testimonies, venture out to Palmyra NY and check
out the pageant! It's free and parking is free too!

As I said before, Christ-like attributes this week! Send me your
favorite ones and a list of ones you want to work on this week! As an
added bonus, tell me what you're going to do to WORK ON THEM this
week!! :)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. It is the
ONLY church on earth that has the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ without minor flaws in its doctrine. If you do not believe this
or are offended by it, I'll take a moment to apologize for undue
offense. I respect every individual's beliefs and don't want to put
anyone down for what they believe in. But I do not apologize for my
bold declaration of the truth. Some of you laugh or roll your eyes and
mutter "truth." That is fine. You have your agency (right and ability
to make your own choices). Before you move on though, but after you
roll your eyes and mumble, ask yourself this question: "what if he's
right?" Jared Moon, now Elder Moon, may have a track record for being
right often, and maybe he doesn't. But of this I know I am right. This
church is true. The only way you can KNOW if it is true (not just deny
it) is if you read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Please do this.
I promise you will regret NOT taking this challenge (if you haven't
already) at judgement day. Please do it for your own best interests.
It will bless your life beyond measure, beyond what you believe right
now. I'm giving 2 whole years of my life, the prime years of my life,
for this. The least YOU can do is read and pray about it.

With love,

-Elder Moon

Palmyra Pageant!
First day in the mission with President and Sister Francis at the place it ALL began!