Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Friends and family,

Well I'm super excited to be with a new companion. My last companion and I were complete opposites so we clashed a lot. We still got along and did work, but it was rough. This new companion and I agree on lots of things and work together well. We will have many new stories from the new level of work we will be doing from raising our bar!

We had one progressing investigator and when we came in he said this will be our last meeting together. We asked him why and he said he likes his church and doesn't want to change. We explained we aren't trying to push anyone anywhere and only want to add to what people have. We read parts of Mosiah 3 and talked about the restoration again. He then committed to read from and pray about the what? You guessed it! The Book of Mormon! And we also scheduled another meeting with him (refer to the statement above about this being our last meeting). Miracles happen my friends!!

So, my favorite attribute is charity/love. My math teacher from freshman and sophomore year sent an awesome email about her thoughts on this and I completely agree with her! I think this attribute is the most important (it says it's the most important in the scriptures too) but it really is! If you're full of love toward God first and everyone else second and THEN yourself, you'll always be happier because you're focusing OUT and not IN!

Anyway, this week's challenge: send me your favorite New Testament scripture! Tell me what it is and why you love it!

-Elder Moon