Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8,2015

Dear friends and family,

I'm in New York! Life is good, but very boring right now. This last
week was full of training and videos and online things to register and
set up and man, it was not as much fun. But now that all of that is
over, this week will be great! We met a few people and hopefully we
will meet a lot more now that we can go do stuff! We'll be serving,
sharing messages, teaching, and just improving the community in

One thing I would say to everyone reading this (whether you're a
member of this church or not) is to not shut people out. Anyone. If
they're selling something, maybe it's something you'd want, but you'd
never know until you learn what it is. And even if you don't want it,
you can have an awesome conversation with someone new, you can learn
about a new product (who knows, maybe you'd get an idea for your own
million dollar invention), and you'd make a new friend. Same with
other religions or political groups or organizations. You might change
your mind, you might find something new that you like, and you'd at
least learn something new and make a new friend.

That's all the news from Elder Moon today. I hope you all have a
wonderful week and a great upcoming AMAZING Flag Day holiday (it's
kind of an awesome holiday because my parents were blessed with an
incredible child *cough cough me cough cough*). It became a great
holiday because of me, you're welcome America. Anyway, farewell friends
and family!

-Elder Moon

PS.. from Mom- no normal pictures, but he did send these.  Gotta love missionaries with iPads!  He is serving in Geseseo, New York.