Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Dear friends and family,

Missions are awesome! We've met so many people and talked to them and done so much service! I love it here! I've learned so much about the gospel and there's only more to learn! 

Scripture for the week, Isaiah 65:5 "I am Holier than thou." It's true. I am holier than all of you. Haha, just kidding! Christ is holier than all of us and the way I apply this is through Isaiah 55:8-9. His ways are higher than ours and sometimes He asks us to do things that don't make any sense. They don't sound smart or logical. But His reasons are above us. We can't comprehend His reasons that sometimes seem to us like tedious, irrelevant, and even stupid things. But as we obey, we will see the blessings that come (D&C 130:20-21).

Funny thought: somebody said "My step dad didn't have a drinking problem, he was VERY good at it!" Hahaha!

Alright, our challenge for the mission is to flood the world with the Book of Mormon. If you don't have a copy, you can easily obtain a free copy through the missionaries in your area! If you haven't read it all the way through, READ IT!! It's another testament of Jesus Christ and like the Bible, it gives us what we need to improve our lives. If you read my emails, please read this book. I know it can help you with wherever you are in life. Even if you think you're all set or if you've read it 100 times. Read it for the first time or the 101st time. It will be worth it.

Enjoy your week!

-Elder Moon