Monday, February 27, 2017

February 27, 2017

Friends and Family!

This week was pretty good. We have two people back on date and we'll see how those turn out. They're both for a few weeks from now. I will be staying in this area this next transfer and will still be with Elder G. I'm learning a little ASL and was able to sign the sacrament prayer for bread yesterday at church. If you don't know what that is, you should go to an LDS service this Sunday and see what I had to interpret! :)

We were also able to go to V last night for dinner and stopped by the deaf people out there. They were busy packing for a vacation to Cambodia, BUT they set up an actual appointment for us to come teach them, so we're excited things are picking up there! And it was always good to go to the M's house for dinner. They're the best!

This week or weekend Elder Holland (an apostle) and President Eyring (from the first presidency) will be here for a Face to Face event for the youth. They will be doing a special missionary meeting for us and I've been asked to play prelude on the piano as they show up. Not everyone is able to say they've played the piano for an apostle and someone from the first presidency! 

So the challenge this week is to practice a musical instrument. Because if I'm playing for them, I'll be nervous! So that'll be something important for me to do and I figured I'd make it easy for me and challenge something I'm already doing ;) love y'all!

-Elder Moon