Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

Friends and Family,

This week was good! We went to the sites with D who was baptized last week. He loved it! As we were leaving the Sacred Grove he was repeatedly saying "The Mormon Book is true! It's true! People don't believe me and they won't read it, but it's true!" It was awesome to see his love for the gospel! During that trip, I was able to go on splits and go to the temple with C from B! She was able to be baptized for some of her ancestors and I was able to do the baptizing! Then she asked me to be baptized for her male ancestors and it was such a cool experience! 

This coming week we have several appointments set up which is nice! Usually we don't have much set. So hopefully this week will be super successful and we can do lots of teaching! 

This week' challenge is to stay hydrated! It's warming up here in New York so it's important we stay hydrated so we can serve God "with all [our] heart might mind and strength" (D&C 4:2). Have an wonderful watery week! Love you all!

-Elder Moon