Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016

Friends and family!

This last week was good! The Hill Cumorah Pageant is happening! If any of you are in Palmyra New York this week you should check it out! Not that anybody on this mailing list would drive all the way to Palmyra....*cough cough my family cough cough* haha, the mission rules are that you don't see your friends and family for 2 years and we followed those rules! We just had to coordinate where we were going to be and make sure our paths didn't cross. I was officially within .25 miles of them when we drove by their hotel on the highway, but we kept the rules! It was hardest for my mom....

On a different note, Henry is getting baptized this week! Lynn is progressing and will hopefully be well enough to come to church next week (she has serious health problems). But she should hopefully be well enough to come next week!

This week's challenge is to eat healthy. I hope I do this one, Elder Bates and I decided we want to eat lots of vegetables this week. We'll try and then see how it goes and whether I want to do it again next week...

Love you all!

-Elder Moon

PS- Pageant fun!  My family was in this same spot an hour before me!