Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016

Friends and Family,

We got transfer calls this morning and our whole district is staying the same! An update on Henry: he came to church, is still excited about learning, and is willing to live the word of wisdom even though there are some addictions that have yet to be broken. Prayers for him would be great! He's so prepared!

Other people, Dan and Jan and Carmine and Mandy and all these people haven't really been in contact, but we're still working on it! A couple newer people are Jamie, Jana, and Bruce. Hopefully things will pick up with them and they'll be as solid as Henry!

Thanks Mom for letting me know what Jared means, I have an awesome name! Did anyone else find out anything cool about their name? I hope so, it was the first gift your parents gave you and it'll be with you for life!

This week's challenge has two parts: one is find a scripture that can help someone feel God's love. If you find a good one, let me know! The second part is to write five simple ways you've seen His love in your own life. Here's just five ways I've seen a his love in my life:

1. He blessed me with a wonderful family (immediate and extended)!
2. He blessed me with an incredible love for the scriptures!
3. He gave me citizenship in this great country of freedom!
4. He fills me with patience when people do dumb things and I have to put up with it!
5. I've been able to see His tender mercies from helping me smile when things go wrong to showing us people who want to learn about the gospel!

Be grateful for all you've been given! Have a fun week!

-Elder Moon