Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

Friends and Family,

This last week was awesome! We met every single goal we set in weekly planning. I've never had that happen in my entire life! We usually exceed some, make some, and miss some. But this time we either made or beat all of them! It was great! We also got all of our June Jubilee goals so this week was awesome!

Henry came to church and has a baptism date, so keep praying for him!
We still can't meet with Dan but we met Josh who seemed really interested! Prayers from them would be great too! Jan was going to come to church but had to babysit grandkids. Grandkids are good, but hopefully she comes next week!

I'm getting better at basketball, so that's another fun fact, but I'm still not close to bringing honor to our family name when it comes to that average sport ;)

This week's challenge is to discover what your name means! Understand the meaning behind the name your parents chose for you. Is if a family name? Are you named after someone great? Or are you the one to make that name great? Or both!? Learn what your name means in Latin or Greek or Hebrew or whatever and live up to it! If it's something mediocre, make it superb! Ps, if someone can look up what "Jared"
stands for and email that to me, that'd be great...we don't have that privilege of using Google... Thanks!

Love you all and have a great week!

-Elder Moon

Here's a great picture based on Elder Holland's conference talk.  You can listen to Elder Holland's amazing talk at the link below.