Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 19, 2016

Friends and Family!

Christmas is upon us! We have less than a week! Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. I love when people are thinking about the true meaning of Christmas and why we should be celebrating it. It makes the world feel more loving and lively. I hope everyone has taken care of everything they need to for the holiday season and they don't get caught up in chaos. It's nice when you don't have to rush around for things at the last second (says every high school or college student about finals and projects... Oh wait, they never know that feeling of peace because they always procrastinate! Yes I've been there and unfortunately will probably be there again and again...)

Anyway, this last week we had some miracles! And some people dropped us. So every rose has its thorns. But the miracle is we had the director of proselyting come train the mission leaders and he told us to always ask for referrals and focus on the ones who are prepared.
Not new stuff, just reminders and tips for doing that. Well we did it that next day and had this kid accept a copy of the Book of Mormon, and then we got 2 referrals from him. When we went to sync our area books that night, he'd referred himself on Mormon.org. We texted him and he said he wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon for his grandparents and another one for his aunt and another one for his uncle and a Spanish one for his Spanish teacher and there's another family that might be interested and he just kept sending referrals!

So the challenge this week is to prayerfully select a Christlike attribute you want to have as your gift to Christ this Christmas.
Write it down on a paper, describing how you'll act as you give this "gift" to Christ. Then seal it in an envelope and pack it away with your Christmas stuff when you take down the Christmas decorations.
Next year when you get them out, put it under the tree and open it Christmas morning (2017) and see how you did, if you really gave Christ a gift, or if you forgot to make the effort. Remember, today He wants our effort, not our perfection! Perfection is far far away (on Judea's plain) but effort is today!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

-Elder Moon