Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016

Friends and Family!

This week was good! We had an awesome baptism this last weekend and note to self: make sure the hot water works long before the baptism so you don't have to boil giant pots of water right beforehand. Trust me, it makes it much less stressful if the hot water works!

Taking over the other area in addition to ours was good. A bit of a slow start trying to learn who and where everyone and everything is.
We will be focusing on refining our teaching pool this week and seeing who is actually interested and which less active members are ready to come back into activity.

This week's challenge is to reach out to a person who hasn't been to church in a while. Regardless of your or their religion, invite them to either your or their church again!

Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Moon