Saturday, October 1, 2016

September 26, 2016

Friends and Family!

Pride is bad. No fine print, no loopholes, no confusion about it, it's just bad. But simply observing that my dad did his mile and a half for his Air Force PT test in 10:28 and I did the same distance this morning in 10:23 is not a prideful observation :)

Haha, the work is going well here! James is stalwart and consistent, we're meeting with him and our mission president tomorrow to talk about baptism and see how close we are. The attached picture is James and I. He has since been wearing a shirt, tie, and pants to church and keeping all the commitments we leave with him!

The Shin's are also doing well. Slower progress, but progress nonetheless. We also have found several good people who live in the other zone, inner city Rochester, but the work is the same regardless of what area the people live in. We'll have to hand them off to the other missionaries, but oh well!

We have general conference this weekend and my challenge is to watch it! If you've never watched general conference, there are several sessions that are about 2 hours long each. But they're divided into several different talks (sermons/speeches/whatever you want to call
them) and several modern prophets and apostles speak. The talks are an average of about 10 minutes long, so I invite everyone on this list to listen to at least one of them. Those who consistently watch conference every 6 months, I invite you to choose something you can do to get more out of this one than you usually get out of them.

Have a fantastic week everyone!