Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

Friends and Family,

This last week was slow. We didn't have very many lessons because everyone had dropped us the previous week, but we're working to find more people. Anne is someone we met and offered to help clean out her garage. She has MS and broke her foot and couldn't figure out how she was going to do it, but we offered to help and she was just shocked.
She offered to pay us but we said we can't take money. We gave her a restoration pamphlet and she read it by the time we came back the next day to actually help with the garage. Then last Wednesday we had a great lesson with her and a member who lived a few streets over.
That's the highlight of the new hope this week!

Challenges are good, but are they actually helping people? I think at least one person does one of them on any given week, so I'd say it's worth continuing. For this week the challenge will be self-claimed, if that's in anyone's glossary. Choose something you're struggling with or a commandment you don't keep very well or an attribute you want to work on or something you want to do this week. Select something and set it as a goal. Then do it! This challenge will be something you can make as hard or easy as you want, so push yourself but don't burn yourself out!

Have a great week!

-Elder Moon