Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Friends and Family,

Here I am in C. There are a LOT of members here who are not
active and don't come to church. Apparently there was a lot of drama
that caused people to get offended and leave or other reasons that
prevented them from coming. But it's a nice area and it's partly on an
Indian Reservation. People here are pretty nice. Work here is slow,
but we're going to push through and try to get more members coming to
church. We will also focus on the blessings of the gospel and how they
help unify families. People love family, so this should be a good
approach. It's also helpful that there are 4 main families on the
reservation and just about everyone is related to someone. Hence, the
focus on families.

I hope you all got the chance to compliment someone this last week! I
did a few times and it just makes the world better. If we could all
just think of one another as brothers and sisters we'd be such a
delightful people! There's a scripture that says "And The Lord called
His people Zion because they were of one heart and one mind" and it
goes on to say how we need to be righteous and love one another. We
had stake conference (church where multiple congregations come
together) and one of the speakers talked about a line from the song
"Called To Serve." The long is "Far and wide we tell The Father's
story, far and wide His love proclaim." He mentioned how important it
is to spread The Father's love to everyone we meet.

This week's challenge is to spread The Father's love to a family
member who needs it. We all need it, but if there's a particular
family member who might be struggling, take the longer road and truly
reach out to them, rather than cop out and tell someone quickly just
to get it over with.

Well, Heavenly Father loves each of you, never forget that! And so do
I! Have a great week!

-Elder Moon