Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Friends and family,

Yesterday was going to be awesome! We had 3 people prepared and ready
to come to church, but Christina didn't come. She's no longer getting
baptized this Saturday because she can't quit smoking and there are
some things she wants to understand more at a slower pace. Tommy came
to church and after sacrament meeting said "this isn't for me" and
rushed out and left. He was Catholic and was expecting candles and
alters and things like that but it wasn't like that. We tried to
explain a little before (no candles) but should've been more thorough.
Sambo also came to church which was nice.

Things are coming along alright. Finding those who are ready and eager
to learn more is the struggle now. Several times though this last week
I had some ideas of things to do like "let's go see this person" and
so we did. It wasn't anything unique but we did them and things worked
out. Nothing super crazy, but just a little reminder that sometimes
the spirit whispers to us through little ideas and God is just seeing
if we will listen. So the challenge this week is to act on little
impressions you get and see how it goes. It might be nothing, but as
you act on them, God will trust you with real impressions in the

Love you all!

-Elder Moon