Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

Friends and family,

Well this last week was pretty average. We have not been in contact
with Christina which is not good. If you could pray for us to be able
to get in contact with her that'd be great! Also, we are going to be
meeting with Roy and Frank this week and next, so hopefully those
people are interested too!

A challenge for each of you this week is to write in your journal
every night. Journaling is something some of us (myself included at
times) just don't want to do, but it's awesome for future generations
to read if you do it! There's a scripture in the Book of Mormon
talking about how they labored diligently to write to persuade their
children and bretheren to believe in Christ. Another scripture says
they wrote so their children would look with joy and not sorrow about
all they'd journaled. So make your posterity happy and write!

Love you all!

-Elder Moon