Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016

Friends and family,

Well this week we had 94 contacts and gave out 10 copies of the Book
of Mormon. In the words of Thomas S Monson, "if you haven't read the
Book of Mormon, read it!" Haha, it's such a great book that draws now
millions of readers closer to our Savior Jesus Christ! I know it is
true! As you read, write down questions you have or things that
trouble you (reasons you think it might not be true, etc). The
missionaries can answer those questions and concerns, and if you don't
trust them you can ask me! I promise each of you who read the Book of
Mormon Will find more joy and happiness in all aspects of your life!

We had a slower week but taught a lot of people about this sacred
book. I hope and pray they will read from it and feel the special
spirit that comes as they do! We are working on ideas to encourage
members to invite their friends to learn more in effective ways. Any

The challenge this week is to either send me a suggestion for the 2nd
paragraph of this email, or do what the 1st paragraph says and read
from the Book of Mormon! If you choose to accept either of these, I
personally thank you!

I will be giving a baptismal interview this Wednesday to someone and
have never done that before! What a great experience this will be! I
hope you all have amazing experiences this week as well! Love you all!

-Elder Moon

My new companion!!