Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Friends and family!

Happy late Easter! We had a wonderful church service for Easter.
Probably the best sacrament meeting I've ever been to. The choir sang
a song called "Gethsemane" which is never heard before. The song goes
something like "Gethsemane. Jesus loves me." And talks about how His
gift to us was given in Gethsemane. He fought through it and did it
and died for us. Well I'm usually not one to shed many tears, but that
song got me. It was great! We also had an investigator with us who
bolted outside right after the song because she felt the spirit so
strong and broke down. A member who was sitting with us went with her
and they sat and talked for a while. The investigator is Christina and
her concern is a relationship with Christ. She says it just doesn't
click. Well I think it clicked a lot more yesterday!

The person who spoke next was someone who'd been excommunicated and
was re-baptized a year ago. For those of you who don't know what this
is, he had by his own choices done something not good. For example,
you can be excommunicated for killing someone or having a serious
affair, but don't be deceived. This is not a sign that we don't
believe in the atonement or forgiveness. There's always a way back, it
just takes time and work. As seen in this man's story. He received the
priesthood again just 2 weeks ago and is going to the temple tomorrow.
I am so glad he was the one to speak on Easter because he has used and
will yet use the full measure of Christ's atonement. I know many other
people use it a lot and what I said might not have made the most
sense, but hearing someone who's had a good life who always made the
right choices wouldn't have meant as much on Easter than hearing
someone who's descended below so many things and is now being lifted
above these things. Christ truly has descended below ALL things so He
can perfectly lift anyone and everyone who will put their trust in Him
above all things! I know that is true!

This week's challenge is to give thanks for all Christ has done for
you in prayer and in action. Obey His commandments more fully! Do a
little better on something! Then see how much He blesses you for it.
We are so undeserving and yet we are given so much.

I love each of you and hope you all return God's love to Him by trying
to walk more perfectly in the path His Son has set for us! Have a
wonderful week!

-Elder Moon

(Here's a link to the song Gethsemane)