Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Friends and family,

Well this week we had 6 member present's and one at church. So we beat
our one goal and failed at our second. So progress and digress, if
that makes any sense to anyone. Here's a journal entry from this last
week, just to show you all what it's like on a more detailed level:

January 30th: Today we called a bunch of people trying to set things
up. We also had Bishop B come with us to an appointment with
Robert. Then we went to NF and stopped by some people. After we picked
up David Minor we saw Quandeka and that lesson was great! Then we saw
Johntel. Her son Jaheim was there and said Tahiem was home (we'd been
sharing messages with him) and as we walked in we found Johntel. She
wasn't super happy because her car broke and she has to take a bus to
work and school out in Buffalo area. Long trips and they're annoying.
So we lifted her spirits with a message about the restoration. Then we
stopped by Thomas and his dad had just died a day or two ago so he was
down. We shared a quick thought with him and invited him to read the
Plan of Salvation pamphlet. Then we saw Lisa and Rick. His daughter,
Sarah, was there and we taught her about the Book of Mormon and talked
about the Plan of Salvation with them. Rick said the closing prayer
and it was hilarious. He said "please bless our friends and family
that they will.......stay away for a while." And Brother M and I
just busted out laughing with Lisa and Sarah and it was so funny. Then
he continues "just kidding, we ask forgiveness" or something like
that. Haha, anyway, that was pretty much the day!

As for a challenge, share something worth journaling with me! Not a
journal entry (it can be, but it doesn't have to) but something worth
writing about! And if not me, someone else like a family member or a
close friend or a complete stranger! Love you all!

-Elder Moon