Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

Friends and family,

Oh boy. Merry late Christmas everyone! And have a happy new year this
week! I sent a tiny email two weeks ago because I was short on time
and then didn't have a working iPad last week to send anything on. So
it's been a while.

Things are still going alright here but we want to kick them up. Our
goal is to have 5 lessons a week with a member present and 2 at
sacrament meeting each Sunday. Those are missionary terms for some of
the things we help people do.

Did you read Luke 2 about the Christmas story? I read it several times
before and on Christmas Day and it was great! If you didn't, you
should! Also, 3 Nephi 1 is a great Book of Mormon story that happens
at the same time but on the other side of the world. Both of those
stories testify of the same thing and it's amazing how two totally
different groups of people can respond so differently to miracles and
signs like that!

So that'll be the challenge this week, read those chapters if you
didn't last week. It doesn't count if you read them in the past. You
should read them again. If you did just barely read them last week,
ponder them and think of something you should do to act on what you

Have a great rest of this 2015th year since Christ came that seemed to
fly by! Hopefully 2016 is even better for each of you!

-Elder Moon