Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Friends and Family,

This week we didn't almost get shot, so that's a plus! We had some good lessons and had a total of 5 lessons taught with members present, so that's good! We got other members involved that usually don't come out with us, so progress is in the works! I just realized every sentence I type ends with "so_____" after the first part, so I guess I'm consistent!

We have a new rule in our mission of "out the door in 44" which now includes meal appointments. That will be hard to follow because we have to have a spiritual thought and eat all in that time. Some of you are thinking "that's not too hard" which is right. But the difficult aspect comes in when we consider the traditions of the members here. They're very used to an hour, so things will seem rushed and some might take offense (that we're more concerned with the clock than their needs). So my advice is be thankful for the freedom you have now and don't take it for granted!

That leads me to this week's challenge: use your agency (ability to choose) to increase your agency. Choose to kick an addiction to free yourself from those chains (giving you freedom from that addiction). Choose to give to others to then have somebody indebted to you and have the freedom to control them (ok, maybe not for that reason, that was a joke people). But really, find a way to use your agency to increase it! 

And, as always, have a great week!

-Elder Moon