Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Family and friends,

Well this last week I thought of some ways to be less prideful. One way was doing other people's dishes without making some snide comment about how "it'd be nice if people would do their own dishes" or something like that. Just silently serving. I also determined I would let a Elder G"out-kick" me at the end of our morning jog we do each day (minus Sunday). He started kicking and I just let him beat me because I usually just out kick him when he thinks he can beat me. I am truly superior to him and MUST win every time, so I do! But that's prideful, so I just sucked it up on Saturday and let him finish first. I then spent several different segments of time wishing I had just out-kicked him and won so I would be able to say I always won, but that was just self-defeating (since I knew I needed to let him finish first for my pride to begin to die). Pride is annoying.

Anyway, thanks for all the responses and general conference was awesome this last weekend! Check out some of the talks at! There are some pretty awesome ones! 

This week's challenge is to think of a challenge for me! And then do it too, so you can't pick something impossible because you'll be just as accountable! Hope everything goes well for everyone this coming week!

-Elder Moon

Caption:Elder G informed me that strainers don't work like funnels (I knew this, I just spilled a lot...haha)