Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017

Friends and Family!

This will be short this week because not much has changed in this last week. Same tracting for hours and same not very exciting results. Unfortunately we haven't tracted into any more miraculous church tours but I hope you all had an opportunity to participate in one. 

This week we will continue trying and looking toward optimistic results. We'll strive to see with an eye of faith what is possible in this area and invite as many people as we can to learn more. 

This week's challenge comes from a story we heard yesterday in a regional broadcast. A woman said as an 11 year old girl Elder L Tom Perry (an apostle) came to their house to spend the night. I assume they were visiting the stake or something and her dad was the stake president. She said Elder Perry offered to help her feed the chickens which was her chore. She went skipping down the trail to the barn with her flashlight. Elder Perry, who didn't have a light of his own, tried to follow. She went skipping along and hopped over a small creek. Elder Perry didn't recognize the difference between skipping and hopping over a creek, and without a light of his own, he couldn't see the difference between the ground and the creek either. Unfortunately, he stepped into the creek and got his foot soaking wet (potentially tripping too, but no injuries were acquired). On their way back he declared in his distinct voice "I need my own light!" How profound that is! We all need our own lights. 

I extend my challenge this week, my penultimate challenge, to each of us. That is to find our own light. Use borrowed light as needed, but daily strive to find our own light. Christ is The Light of the world, but He invited each of us in Matthew 5:14 to BE a light to the world. We must find our own testimony, our own conversion, our own channel to The Light. May we do so with as much haste and humility as we can summon! 

Have an awesome lighted week!  :)

-Elder Moon

P.S. As a special treat, Elder Moon sent a link to a recording of a version of Homeward Bound (music) and Oh How Lovely was the Morning (lyrics).  He is playing the piano and another elder is singing.  They will be performing the song in church on Elder Moon's last Sunday--an appropriate time to play Homeward Bound!!