Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7, 2016

Friends and Family!

This last week was pretty good. We found some more people with good potential and had a new person come to church! She really enjoyed it and we hope she comes again! Church is such a great place to gather with fellow men and women who have Christ as the center of their lives and worship Him in unity!

We also had MLC last Friday and had a great time. That stands for mission leadership council, so it's the meeting all the zone leaders and sister training leaders go to and counsel with the mission president and his assistants. The picture below is from that.

Cindy is our most promising investigator and we have high hopes for her. She's the one I wrote about last time. We're meeting with her tonight so prayers that that goes well would be great!

For the challenge, I've been thinking of challenges we all have to face. Sometimes we have trials we don't understand and wish we could switch with someone else. Helaman 7:7 tells about a prophet named Nephi who wanted to switch lives with another Nephi. But he forgot that the older Nephi had siblings that constantly tried to kill him!
That reminds us that when we feel like we'd rather be in someone else's Celestial shoes, we should remember they're not quite as heavenly as we hoped. Our trials are tailored for our good from a God who loves us unconditionally and understands us perfectly.

So I challenge or invite each of us to not envy anyone else this week!
Find ways to count your blessings and when you're tempted to wish you could live another's life, remember your own privileges and potential

That's all for now, love you all!

-Elder Moon